xkoenig's The Amazing Spider-Man #672 - Spider-Island, Part Six: Boss Battle review

A quality end to a brilliant event

Dan Slott is a great comics writer: he has a careful, smart and deft feel for story, for continuity, for character and for dialog. Here with the end of Spider-Island he shows how to bring a great crossover to a satisfying end (I know, technically there's still an epilogue but still) with a return to the hilarious lines between Spidey and Kaine, MJ and the Thing and all the Avengers. The only thing that stops me from giving this a full 5 stars (I'm kind of reviewing the whole arc here) were the slight trip-ups in the middle section where I think the crossover parts could have been handled better for those of us reading only ASM. But hey, it's a minor complaint. I loved Humberto Ramos' art and I loved Spider-Island. Great job.


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