duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #671 - Spider-Island, Part Five: A New Hope review

Someone has his Spider-Senses back...

Synopsis: Now that a cure has been found, The Queen does everything in her power to destroy it.

-What's Good?

Now that Eddie Brock finally has a purpose, in curing the infestation, it's safe to say that Spider-Island can be over with right? Wrong! It's not that easy. What better way is to have Tarantula (Kaine) and Spider-Man duke it out? Meanwhile, Madam Web realizes why she can't see the future, that also ties into Peter getting his Spider-senses back. Add that with his kung-fu skills, and we have an even better Spider-Man. Now, all he needs is his "The Other" powers back...

And to be honest, I was surprised to find out who was the mysterious Number Six. It makes sense though.  

It's pretty safe to say that Humberto Ramos is another reason why I love this event. The exaggerated artwork is always a big welcome for   me. Despite her short appearance, I like MJ swinging around with Spider powers despite her short appearance. I love the page when Julie Carpenter shows up to talk to Reed Richards about the jamming towers.

-What's Bad?

The idea of Mary Jane FINALLY getting Spider-powers and her playing the hero this time around is dropped in a couple of pages, so don't be fooled by the (awesome) cover thinking that it will all be about her.

The pacing is pretty fast as well, but it's understandable considering that when you think about the last previous issues and some of the tie-ins, they were pretty slow.


 I find this issue the weakest in this event, but it's not by any means a bad issue. It looks like the final showdown will be in the next issue.

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