haydenclaireheroes's The Amazing Spider-Man #671 - Spider-Island, Part Five: A New Hope review

Spider-man's spidey sense is tingling once again

Here is my review for Amazing Spider-man issue 671. This issue is shows that Mr. Fantastic has found a cure for spider-island but will it work for all of new york and Spider-man gets his spider sense back. Tell me guys what you think about my review:

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Have to admit though those two pages where pretty awesome 

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    Someone has his Spider-Senses back... 0

    Synopsis: Now that a cure has been found, The Queen does everything in her power to destroy it. -What's Good? Now that Eddie Brock finally has a purpose, in curing the infestation, it's safe to say that Spider-Island can be over with right? Wrong! It's not that easy. What better way is to have Tarantula (Kaine) and Spider-Man duke it out? Meanwhile, Madam Web realizes why she can't see the future, that also ties into Peter getting his Spider-senses back. Add that with his kung-fu skills, and we ...

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