xkoenig's The Amazing Spider-Man #671 - Spider-Island, Part Five: A New Hope review

The juggernaut keeps going. Not the Juggernaut, obviously...

Wow, reading this makes me realise how hard it is to write a huge story like this and do it well. The one thing Spider Island has suffered from is that the spin-off storylines are just a little too important to the main story, so that if you haven't been buying Venom, Spider-Woman and so on (like me), things can get a little confusing or seem poorly explained. But the thing Dan Slott has done so well here is to maintain momentum and keep up the wit and spark that make his writing on Spider-Man soooo good. As you can tell from the cover, Mary-Jane gets her wish of empowerment and kicks monster-spider-ass in this comic to great effect. A breathtaking reveal is made in this issue too at Horizon lab #6 (I literally took a sharp intake of breath!!) that will play out in future issues I'm sure. The lurching juggernaut that is this crossover lurches along and there is some great action, bad guys losing it and Spidey getting a cool reunion with Kaine. Oh yeah!


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    Someone has his Spider-Senses back... 0

    Synopsis: Now that a cure has been found, The Queen does everything in her power to destroy it. -What's Good? Now that Eddie Brock finally has a purpose, in curing the infestation, it's safe to say that Spider-Island can be over with right? Wrong! It's not that easy. What better way is to have Tarantula (Kaine) and Spider-Man duke it out? Meanwhile, Madam Web realizes why she can't see the future, that also ties into Peter getting his Spider-senses back. Add that with his kung-fu skills, and we ...

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