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"The Spectacular Spider-Stache"

There's something intangible about why I don't love this issue of ASM despite really enjoying reading it. Dan Slott is certainly doing a good job with a fantastically fun event in Spider-Island, but he's not doing a great job. The writing and jokes are not hitting as funny as he thinks they are and so much is happening in the book that the writing takes a back seat to just reminding/telling the reader about everything that's going on. It's good to tie in all the, well, tie-ins, but there's so much space devoted to repeating scenes in other books that we end up sacrificing the important characterization scenes, like the few small JJJ moments.

Ramos' art fits in perfectly with the tone. It's all ridiculous and silly, so his art is loose and fun-looking. Almost cartoony, really. Contrast that with Cloak and Dagger's grotesque, sick, monstrous transformations and violence. Just a totally different tone and Ramos is totally killing it (in the good sense, guys).

ASM and Spider-Island: still good. ASM remains too busy for its own good preventing focus and characcter development, but it's still fun enough that I'd recommend reading it.

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Posted by djotaku

Although I feel the opposite of you in terms whether connecting it to the tie-ins is good, I am started to get worn a little thin by Spider-Island. I started re-reading comics this May so I've almost only known Spider-Island and I'd like to see how Slott writes everyday Spider-Man.

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