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Too Much Going On

My head is still reeling from reading this issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. Part of the "Spider Island" event, this issue found Peter Parker dealing with a whole city being mutated by a spider virus. Not only that, but there's Venom, Anti-Venom, The X-Men, Mr. Fantastic, and a whole other slew of characters doing way too much in this issue.

It was written by Dan Slott, who has been writing the bulk of this series for some time, and it really wasn't his best. I can understand the difficulty of doing such a huge and encompassing event, but I ended up with a headache after reading it. There were too many characters, too much going on, and the fact that "Fear Itself" is supposed to be happening at the same time makes no sense.

The artwork was fun, but I feel like it would have been better suited to a one-shoe instead of an ongoing series and dumped in the middle of an event. Don't get me wrong, I did dig the style, I just felt like it didn't fit in here.

I'm going to give this issue a 2/5. I'm not really enjoying the "Spider Island" event. I feel like they should have just done what the fans wanted and brought back the Scarlet Spider with the return of the Jackal. But hey, I didn't write it, I only read it.
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