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Mysterio has miniaturized Spider-Man and placed him in a tiny amusement park. Can Spider-Man survive this deadly Hall of Mirrors?

Continued on from last issue, Spider-Man has seemingly just been shrunk to six inches tall by Mysterio, and is trapped on a model carnival atop a table. Mysterio attempts to punch him several times, so Spider-Man runs into a nearby house of mirrors. Unfortunately, the mirrors soon start closing in on Spider-Man, and Mysterio warns him that the mirrors are coated with a lethal poison that will kill Spider-Man immediately if he gets cut. Spider-Man covers his arms in webbing, and then manages to smash through the mirrors without being scratched.

Spider-Man then lands and falls in a current of water, and lets it carry him along. He ends up in a tunnel, where an axe swings at him which he only narrowly misses. Spider-Man is then attacked once more by a robotic water serpent, and is almost crushed before he manages to break free. Once he gets out of the tunnel, Spider-Man realises something, and approaches Mysterio, telling him that if he moves away, it will prove what he just realised. Spider-Man launches himself at Mysterio, and Mysterio disappears, proving Spider-Man's theory. Spider-Man knows now that he's not six inches tall, Mysterio just tricked him into thinking he was. Spider-Man quickly locates Mysterio with his Spider-sense, and defeats him quite easily.

Later that day, Spider-Man swings past Empire State University, where he sees a protest of some sort going on. He wonders what it's about, but decides that it probably doesn't affect him.

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