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Spider-Island is in full effect in issue #669, and I couldn't be happier with the direction its taken. Where many events have such a perpetual glut of doom and gloom, Spider-Island has been nonstop fun. This isn't the strongest issue of the arc thus far, mainly because we're in the midst of some pretty goofy stuff going on, but the reader is still getting Dan Slott's hilarious and inspired writing and Humberto Ramos' incredibly stylish pencils. What more do you need?


Spider-Island is an event that just keeps getting crazier. Spider-Man using kung fu? Check. Reed Richards resolving to give everybody vaccines that will give them low level super-powers to counteract the Spider Virus? Check. The Shocker with six arms? Triple check. Slott never forgets that, yes, we are living in a goofy comic book universe. He plays with so many ideas and manages to write each character so convincingly and entertainingly that he can do just about anything and I'd completely buy it.

Humberto Ramos continues to absolutely "kill it" on the art side. He gives such a fluidity to the action scenes. His heroes and heroines are iconic, sexy, and just plain fun to look at. I want to see the way he draws every single character in the Marvel Universe.


This is certainly a transitional issue to say the least. That can't really be seen as a bad thing, but it really puts in perspective just how many plots this event is trying to juggle. We rarely get a few pages of exposition with Spidey himself before we're whisked off to some other location for a brief "check-in" with whoever is currently there. It's something that I commend Spider-Island at handling this better than most events, but I do feel a bit ragged after reading #669. I hope the next issue finds a little bit more focus, or I may have an aneurysm before seeing the end of this thing.


Spider-Island is an event comic at the end of the day. Crazy shiznit is going to happen, and sometimes issues suffer as the action spreads out into different venues. Whilst that usually severely detracts from a story's readability, the strength of the Slott/Ramos combo stands strong to deliver another solid issue in Amazing Spider-Man #669. Pick this issue up, get a headache, and then go back and read all the rest of the Spider-Island arc so far. You won't be disappointed.


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