duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #669 - Spider-Island, Part Three: Arachnotopia review

"The metamorphosis has begun."

Synopsis: The true nature of the spider epidemic is revealed.

What's Good?

It's so fun seeing Peter and Carlie mingle in this issue. It's because Carlie is so independent and a cop that she's so close to learning Peter and Spider-Man are one in the same, and all she needs is one more push. Spider-Island is a great story to possibly change their relationship even further, and while I'm on the bandwagon that Mary Jane and Peter should be together (and Black Cat is a fling (speaking of which, where is she)), I do like the classic back and forth routine when it comes towards Peter's superhero life.

Those couple aside, the story continues to reveal some interesting factors. Peter finally uses the Way of the Spider. At Horizon Labs, Scientists', including Reed Richards, are creating a possible vaccine. The problem I addressed in the previous issue about everyone having Spider-powers and not having repercussions, was answered in this issue in a not so surprising way, that throws out the "Great power comes great responsibility" concept to with great spider powers, comes great transformation (okay that was corny). The mysterious woman from the start of Spider-Island is revealed, and I guessed it right. She makes a better villain than the Jackal. It's with these reveals that sets up the next stage for this arc.

Again, I love Humberto Ramos' over the top artwork. The pages that really stood out for me were Venom and Anti-Venom.

What's Bad?

For the issue itself, it's jam packed with a lot of information, specifically with Venom, Anti-Venom and Madame Web. Web stated that those two would play a role in Spider-Island (with one of them possibly not surviving), but in this issue, it feels a bit clustered together.

A minor complaint goes to the tie-in books. I don't mean it as the tie-ins are bad, it's just so far, Venom is the more important one currently that actually plays a role in the Spider-Island story. That may change in the upcoming weeks.

Overall: As I stated before, the reveals in this issue sets up the next stage for this story arc.


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