xkoenig's The Amazing Spider-Man #669 - Spider-Island, Part Three: Arachnotopia review

Spider Island gets creepy

After the incredible awesomeness of parts 1 and 2 of Spider Island, maybe it was a bit much to expect Dan Slott to sustain that level of quality. I mean, those issues to me were so well written and funny and action packed, could anyone keep it up for 6 or 7 more in a row? This issue kicks off well enough - I think the interactions between Carlie and Peter have been some of the best parts of the story. But then Slott has to pay attention to the growing number of side stories, and the first one that threw me was suddenly seeing Venom for a page fighting a character who we'd only just seen in the previous panel, with no explanation how they got there (right? maybe I misunderstood that). Then, I've got to say, the plot line with Reed Richards and his vaccine plan just doesn't have the right level of wacky awesomeness. Randomly being able to give people powers is not a good thing in my mind in comics. But then the end of the comic picks up again as we start to find out the new, scary direction this is heading. It's not going to be all fun swinging through the streets for all New Yorkers now. Oh no, not AT ALL! So I'm optimistic Spider Island will still be a fantastic event.

Posted by ElCapitan

The character Venom is fighting is King Tarantula or something. He's not the same as the one who was watching TV, who is Kaine.

Posted by xkoenig

Yeah, going back and re-reading the issues again I figured out that Spider-King (fighting Venom) is different from Tarantula (hanging out with Jackal). I think it partly comes from there being no scene where Spider-King goes "ok, I'm off now to go fight some people, you two stay back" which would have helped me remember who he was!! :D Anyway, this is still a superb series.

Posted by DATNIGGA

the next comic is gonna be chaos lol i wanna see kingpin turn into one of those spider creatures

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