super_man_23's The Amazing Spider-Man #668 - Spider-Island Part Two: Peter Parker The Unspectacular Spider-Man review

Spider-Powers, Spider-Love, and Spider-Island

If it is one subject that Peter Parker knows well - it's spider powers! After the Jackal plagued New York City with Peter Parker's amazing abilities, Peter will have to cease control of the situation and stop the Jackal, before Manhattan Island becomes the HQ of Spider test subjects!  

The Good

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't enjoy seeing Humberto Ramos' illustrations in Amazing Spider-Man comics. It is probably how he draws his characters, totally different from how any other Spider artist would draw. His art is more slick and agile then some of the other artist who draw Spider-Man colorful and bulky. Which isn't a problem, but Amazing Spider-Man comics and characters seem to work better when a good artist, like Humberto, where he knows how to please the readers while delivering some amazing colors. I would prefer Humberto to stay on the series as artist.  
 Jackal is near Spider-Man's best enemy
The story of Spider-Island is a simple no; Manhattan has turned into an institution for Miles Waren a.k.a. Jackal, to test his newest experiments on the locals in the area. While Jackals previous attacks on Peter Parker's life has been more on destroying his reputation or hurting the ones close to Peter, Jackal is an outstanding villain in the Spider-Man universe. If you compare Jackal to another villain, not in Marvel, I would compare him to Hugo Strange from DC Comics. Jackal is a villain that doesn't continue to steal or kill people in some sense that he is just needing acceptance from everyone else, he is a thinking character. One who will study and break the hero until he is the remaining and superior man, or beast. Unlike Norman Osborn, where all he wants to do is kill Spider-Man and destroy his reputation. That is why I've always liked Jackal, Peter, and Ben on how they all interact as hero vs. villain struggle.  
 How will MJ and Peter gain their relationship back?
The outcome of Spider-Island I would like to see the return of Ben Reily a.k.a. the Scarlet Spider, and also the relationship between Mary Jane and Peter Parker. We know Peter has his memory of the events of Civil War and the deal he made with Mephisto to erase everyone's memory of his identity, but now that he has his memory back from those events, it seems that this will eventually haunt Peter in the future or end up killing Aunt May again. MJ and Peter's relationship of 'friends' is beginning to get annoying, I think Carlie might die, it seems that way and her attitude is beginning to annoy me. The writing by Dan Slott is continuing to get more interesting on how he portrays the characters, one characters choice effects everyone else and even their future. He is one of the best Spider writers and continues to amaze me with his story telling.  

The Bad

I think Peter's move on telling that he has super powers, or that he was infected, was really obvious. With all the potential good spider-men/women out there, he had to rally the troops. Most of the fight scenes in this issue was not really needed, the story is what captured my attention.  

The Verdict  

Spider island rages on, keep up the good work Dan Slott. Overall 4 out of 5.  
Posted by djotaku

he could be lying, but in the letters pages of this issue, he says the marriage will not return

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