duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #668 - Spider-Island Part Two: Peter Parker The Unspectacular Spider-Man review

The Amazing Peter Parker!

Synopsis: When Peter can’t fight the epidemic as Spider-Man, he goes with one other option: fighting it as a "normal" citizen of New York with Spider-powers!

What’s Good? 
After the last issue, I was wondering how Peter could turn the situation around, and he does so quite brilliantly after some reassurance. In the middle of this issue, I couldn’t stop thinking about The Partridge Family Theme song. Did this issue have some silly moments? Of course, but it was still entertaining. That’s one of the factors that I love when I read a Spider-Man issue that Dan Slott can manage to turn an epidemic into something serious, but funny at the same time. Besides Peter, there were also some great character moments by Carlie and even Jonah Jameson! The fact that he hasn’t completely blamed this event on Spider-Man (yet) blows my mind. There were some nice tie-ins to other series involved in Spider-Island such as Venom, and some surprising foreshadowing by Madam Web on the fate of two characters (or beings).

Again, I love the artwork by Humberto Ramos. I absolutely love the nearly exaggerated style that totally fits this story. Ordinary citizens who received spider-powers actually look like people who have powers for the first time and imitate Spider-Man while having fun with it.

What’s Bad?
The only problem I have with this issue is that there’s no immediate danger yet. For now, everyone is enjoying the fact that they can play superhero, or do whatever they want with these powers. Speaking of which, there’s also not really a clear moral for the citizens of New York as well (unless you read some of the other tie-ins). I’m sure this will be addressed later, but I’m just pointing it out now.

Overall: This is only the second part of Spider-Island, and I’m still enjoying it. Dan Slott is doing a wonderful job writing this story, leaving me wanting to read the next issue with much anticipation. It’s also great to see some of the other tie-ins holding their own as well.

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