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Dramatic Irony is Funny...Get it? GET IT?! 0

I like this book. I really do, I promise. It's so much fun and I think a "silly" event book goes well with the summer and Spider-Man. The webslinger's my favorite superhero and seeing all of New York get spider powers is kind of stupid and kind of awesome. I am all-in for Spider-Island. I get all the tie-in books and I'm digging most of them.That preface is to assure you that my criticisms are nitpicky and pedantic, at best. Every time I read a Spider-Man book that over-writes I'm gonna complain...

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Gold! 0

Maybe it's the story setup which is providing for such exquisite dramatic irony when Carlie and Peter go sleuthing together, or maybe it's the quality of the writing and the art (I LOVE Ramos' Ms Marvel and Spider-Woman). Either way, Spider Island is just gold so far. Fantastic....

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The Amazing Peter Parker! 0

Synopsis: When Peter can’t fight the epidemic as Spider-Man, he goes with one other option: fighting it as a "normal" citizen of New York with Spider-powers! What’s Good? After the last issue, I was wondering how Peter could turn the situation around, and he does so quite brilliantly after some reassurance. In the middle of this issue, I couldn’t stop thinking about The Partridge Family Theme song. Did this issue have some silly moments? Of course, but it was still entertaining. That’s one of t...

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Spider-Powers, Spider-Love, and Spider-Island 0

If it is one subject that Peter Parker knows well - it's spider powers! After the Jackal plagued New York City with Peter Parker's amazing abilities, Peter will have to cease control of the situation and stop the Jackal, before Manhattan Island becomes the HQ of Spider test subjects!   The GoodThere isn't a day that goes by where I don't enjoy seeing Humberto Ramos' illustrations in Amazing Spider-Man comics. It is probably how he draws his characters, totally different from how any other Spider...

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Your Friendly Nieghborhood Peter Parker 0

    Cover  I liked the art for the cover because it is the same art inside the issue, which rarely happens. I liked the art for the series so I am glad to see the same art style for the cover. The one thing I was disappointed about the cover was that it shows peter fighting the Jackel but the Jackel was not really in this issue. Story Peter realizes that he cannot save the world as Spider-man but as Peter instead. Best Part The dilemma that Peter had in the last issue was that his sup...

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On Tonight's Episode, Who Will Get Voted Off.... Spider-Island!? 0

The Good: This event may seem cheesy and gimmicky, but with the setup and a lot of what occurs in this issue, and the teases of what's to come, show what Spider-Island is REALLY doing. It's showing us why Peter Parker is a hero. Being Spider-Man, even having Spider powers isn't his true gift. What really makes Peter a hero is some intangible, unquantifiable quality within his character. That drives him to be a hero, that drives him to inspire others. The observations he makes around town, and th...

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Distracting hyper-stylized art from cover to cover. 0

On paper "Spider Island" continues to be a preposterous concept. Issue #668 is the second part of Marvel's mini-event from writer Dan Slott. Jackal and his henchmen have unleashed a virus in New York City that has given the people spider powers. It's all being done at the behest of a mysterious woman looming in the shadows. Slott starts the issue with a manic battle between the Avengers and the more irresponsible spider powered New Yorkers. Peter struggles to see where he fits in and how he can...

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Perfect Ending to Month 1 of Spider-Island 0

I’ve had a bit of an issue with all of Marvel’s events recently.   For one thing, because of fact that we have 3 overlapping events (Spider-Island, Schism, and Fear Itself), it’s not really clear how things fit into each other.   Lots of things have fallen out of sync and I think that, in an attempt to avoid spoilers, Marvel has created some strange inconsistencies.   For example, I *think* it’s certain that Schism takes place after Fear Itself, but if that’s true – there’s something weird going...

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Looking for something a little more. 0

     I like Spider-Island so far, but for me there is something missing from the story. Maybe I had such high expectations for this series I am kind of let down by it. I like the art for the most part and the story is creative.  I guess we will see how it pans out in the future.   I give it a 3.5.out of 5 because at this point I have read much better Spider-man stories then this one and for me to get this story a 4.5 or a 5 there has to be more then a whole bunch of chaos going on in the city...

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Can't wait to re-read them all together! 0


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Con gran poder viene gran responsabilidad 0

TAS #668 nos coloca en una situación que yo había visto. Spiderman no era de utilidad debido a que a la infección que les dio superpoderes parecidos a los de Peter Parker a muchas personas, que a su vez están vestidas de diferentes trajes de Spiderman como el de civil war, big time, symbiote entre otros más. Asi que The New Avengers, The Future Foundation y Los Avengers estan batallando con un grupo grande de personas mientras que Siderman es obligado a ser civil mientras todo eso ocurre. Asi qu...

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