omertalvendetta's The Amazing Spider-Man #666 - Spider-Island Prologue: The One And Only review

Busy Prologue...

The Cover: 
There are 150 variants of this issue, mostly because there is the whole Spider-Man saves your LCS from mayhem approach.  I like this primary cover, however, and the colors used on the font are fricking awesome. 
The Good: 
This was one of the truest issues I have read when it came to characterization of everyone involved.  It's pacing and flow was superb, and I actually felt like I was reading those characters; nothing seemed forced.  I have and always will be a big fan of Caselli and I am stoked that he has done this issue and will be involved in a few more.  I don't mind Ramos, but I just dig Caselli too much to ever pass on anything he is a part of.  
The Bad: 
This is just a minor complaint... there is A LOT that happens in this issue, and I feel that for someone who hasn't read many Spider-Man comics before, it might be very detrimental.  There was just way too much, and it was as if Slott was trying to incorporate everything Spider-Man is a part of-  Avengers, FF, Horizon Labs, girlfriend, training with Shang-Chi- all of that is in this comic and more; that's just crazy!  Also, we've had so many "prologues" on the Road to Spider-Man snippets, I was kind of just ready to jump in, so I was a little disappointed to see another prologue.  
Even though it's an extremely busy issue and a lot takes place, I cannot recommend any issue more than this.  I was very pleased with the characters and their panel time, however little, was very well executed.  I am very excited for the direction of this event and cannot wait.  Stoked!! 
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Posted by They Killed Cap!

DId anybody else feel this was an incredibly wordy issue. I guess its not a complaint but it had a lot of dialouge.
Posted by Omertalvendetta
@They Killed Cap!: I agree that it was wordier than usual... probably because of all it was trying to incorporate.
Posted by ElCapitan

@They Killed Cap!: It's wordy to its detriment. Dan Slott needs to relax with the text a little. I go into it in my reviews of 665 and 666, but it boils down to comics being a visual and textual medium and Slott forcing the book to rely too much on redundant, over-explained text.

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