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Sometimes revenge is not always the best answer



I really like the art for the cover because it is pretty simple and I like simple better than going abstract and having the art coming bad. The concept of the cover was also very nice because the issue really did center a lot with Betty and Peter’s movie night.


Peter has been busy with his life as Spidey and his new job at horizon labs and really has not have a lot of time for Betty. When Betty really wants to see a movie and Peter cannot see it she goes and sees it by herself and gets jumped. Now she is in the hospital and Spidey is looking for the person who did this to her and wants revenge.

Best Part

We have not seen Betty in Amazing Spider-man in a while and it was nice to see her again because I always thought of her as a really good for Peter. This issue really does show how close they are. But when someone close to Peter gets hurt he always blames himself and always sets out to revenge. I think in this issue he finally see that playing the revenge card is not always the best thing to do. Maybe sometimes being with the people you love is more important. I think in this issue Peter has finally learned that. Which I am very happy to see because it took Peter a pretty long time to figure that out.

Worst Part

I felt that Aunt May was a little out of character in this issue when she was trying to convince Peter to go to the hospital. Aunt May would usually never shove Uncle Ben’s death in Peter’s face. In this issue she talks to Peter and tells him how she was alone when Uncle Ben died and Peter left for the whole night. She is usually the wise one and I thought she would of understood that everyone takes death differently and maybe that is just how Peter took death.


Spider-man’s art usually changes a lot and sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it. With this issue I really liked it. Sometimes the simple art is the best. This art was simple with a little jazz but too much. I thought it really fit the issue well.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 ½ out of 5 

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Posted by Decept-O

Good review,but a bit spoiler heavy. I had a friend who was a Betty fan, so its interesting she gets some attention after so long, albeit not exactly the way I'm sure some readers would prefer. That is a lot of Spider-Man in one month but if people are buying, Marvel will sell!

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