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Disappointing 0

I'll come clean: I'm not a regular 616 Spider-Man reader, but I heard good things about ASM from my brother and this issue seemed rather self-contained, so I picked it up. What I don't understand is who this book is targeted to? It's rated T+, but it reads like it was written for elementary school kids. I don't know how Dan Slott's other work reads, but he seems to have no confidence in his reader's abilities to intuit any subtext. Most egregious is MJ's thought balloon on the faux end of the pr...

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A Unique Hero..A Great Story 0

The Story: Peter Parker and his long time friend Betty have an established movie night the first Friday of every month. Lately though, Spider-Man has been unable to spend time with her since hes on two different Avenger teams, the FF and does his routine patrols as Spider-Man. Betty wants to see her favorite movie finally and is done waiting for Peter to accompany her...but when she goes by herself she gets more than she bargains for.  The Good: Although I attempt to be partial with every comic ...

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Sometimes revenge is not always the best answer 0

  Cover I really like the art for the cover because it is pretty simple and I like simple better than going abstract and having the art coming bad. The concept of the cover was also very nice because the issue really did center a lot with Betty and Peter’s movie night. Story Peter has been busy with his life as Spidey and his new job at horizon labs and really has not have a lot of time for Betty. When Betty really wants to see a movie and Peter cannot see it she goes and sees it by hersel...

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Movie Night 0

Surprisingly, I liked the story of this issue! I thought this issue would be a waste of time just used to bridge the gap between a great story arc and an upcoming great story arc. But, I liked the story and enjoyed it. It was probably the 3rd place out of the 4 issues I picked up this week, Ultimate Fallout, Captain America, this, and Ultimate Avengers Vs New Ultimates. But anyways, getting back to the issue at hand, this plot explores Peter and Betty's relationship. Their not a couple, but they...

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"My very own, 'Girl Friday'". 0

Synopsis: When one of Peter's closest friends lands up in the hospital because of a mugging, what is more important: The mugger or his friend? What's Good? I had no idea what to expect in this issue before reading it. I assumed that they would be some kind of prequel to Spider-Island, however, to my surprise that there isn't even one. Instead, Dan Slott focuses on Peter putting his superhero gig over family and friends. Betty Brant is such an important character in Peter's life. It amazes me tha...

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Very Disappointing 0

I was very disappointed with this issue as well. I hoped it would be one of those "1980's like' comics in which Spider-Man was a background character and oversaw the lead-character that only appeared in this comic, like a tendent being evicted out of his house or something. But this was flat and no soul in it at all.. The story wanted to be inspiring and clearly used those older comic-stories i just described as inspiration, but it just did not live up to it's expectations. I would, therefore, n...

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