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Mr. Negative Unmasked!

These two issues of Amazing Spiderman have been great. It's nice to have a cool character back and have a mystery of who a new one is. Mr. Negative is the perfect villain for this arc and with Spidey wrapped up in all of this it is perfect! Now lets get to that review about this great spidey comic! 
The Plot: The issue begins with Spiderman webbed to a wall in Anti Venom's lair, which used to be a drug lab, with Anti Venom getting ready to unmask him. Even though Anti Venom messes up some of spidey's powers in the last issue some of them still work. His sticky skin on his face manages to keep the mask on his face so Anti Venom can't pull it off. Anti Venom is telling Spiderman he's not so great of a hero from stopping him from destroying Mr. Negative. Spiderman then doesn't believe Anti Venom telling him that Martin Li is Mr. Negative. Anti Venom is enraged and leaves to go find some way to prove the truth to everybody of New York. Since Anti Venom's lair used to be a drug lab spiderman pulls down some acetone with his web shooter and starts to devise a plan to escape. Meanwhile, at a furniture store the Wraith scares a the owner, who has dealings with Mr. Negative to tell her where Mr. Negative's next shipment is going to be. Carlie is spying on them with a thermal device and sees that the wraith has body heat so she can't a ghost. Carlie then comes up with a plan to figure out who exactly the Wraith is. Meanwhile, Aunt May is recovering from her shock last issue. At city hall, Mayor Jameson is presenting to the people of New York a bunch of terracota soldiers that Martin Li has donated. Martin Li is there and one of his goons who pretends to be security secretly tells him about the meth packs inside the terracotta statues and how they will be delivered that night. A security guard, which is Anti Venom in disguise overhears them and disappears. Carlie is at the police station in the evidence room investigating some Mysterio equipment that was in one of the evidence lockers, but disappeared. The only person that was around at that time was Captain Wantanabe. Carlie suspects she is the wraith but tries to figure out how she can prove her theory. Later that night, Spiderman has gotten the acetone to burn through most of the webbing and breaks free only to have Anti Venom return and shoot a fresh batch on him. Anti Venom then takes Spiderman over his shoulder and swings over to where Mr. Negative's shipment is going to arrive, an art gallery . He leaves Spiderman webbed to a statue and then finds the room where the terracotta soldiers with packs of meth in them are. He thinks that he has gotten there before Mr. Negative and his cronies could get there and take the meth out of the statues. But, Mr. Negative sneaks up behind him and stabs him with a samurai sword and as his goons come out they prepare to finish him off. In another part of the art gallery, the wraith frees Spiderman and they start to battle Mr. Negative and his thugs. Anti venom still wounded starts to help too. Spiderman pulls a painting down and the gallery's alarms activate. Mr. Negative releases the devil's breath gas with Spiderman blood on him, but since Spidey replaced it with pig blood a long time ago, spidey's got one over him. He pretends he's dying and throws a punch that knocks him into a daze giving the wraith enough time to scan his face with her suit's systems and make it match up with Martin Li's face. Mr. Negative tries to stop here from telling anybody else but she sends a report and proof to all news stations in New York, making everybody know Martin Li is Mr. Negative. Negative is enraged and flees. Spiderman tells Anti Venom he is sorry for not believing him and Anti Venom flees. The Wraith does also. The police come in to arrest Spidey but he just shows his Avengers license and they let him go. Spidey spots Carlie and eavesdrops on a conversation between her and Captain Wantanabe that Carlie knows she is the Wraith but wants to help her. Later that night, Anti venom thinks of himself as a hero and Martin Li is locked up by his own men for having no further use. When Peter gets back to carlie's apartment he pretends Spiderman told him what happened that night and asks her why she didn't turn the wraith in. Carlie says because she believes in what the wraith is doing and then asks Peter what his connection with Spiderman is. Peter tells her what he told Max Modell, that he designs Spiderman's tech. They then hug. The End... For Now. 
Good Parts of this issue:  
- Right after Spiderman escapes he gets webbed up again(funny) 
- The wraith turning out to be Captain Wantanabe 
- The beginning splash page is really cool with Anti Venom preparing to unmask Spiderman. 
- Mr. Negative is finally unmasked 
Bad Parts of this issue: 
- Only one: How come it took Peter a whole day to get off Anti Venom's webbing and the wraith got it off in less than a minute? 
Overall, this issue was awesome. This is the last regular storyline until Spider Island. It was great to throw in Anti Venom's return. 
4.5 out of 5 stars!! 
Pick it Up!!

 Mr. Negative Unmasked!

 Anti Venom preparing to unmask Spidey

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