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A Good Resolution to the Li Story 0

This issue is classic Spider-Man.  He and Anti-Venom trade barbs as Anti-Venom tries in vain to convince Spider-Man that he was right to attack Mr Li - AKA Mr Negative.  I was chuckling almost the entire time.  The Wraith story from the last issue continues, but it appears to be a red herring - it wasn't anywhere near as important as the previous issue made it seem.  Finally, it appears that, for Spidey, being part of the Avengers has its perks!...

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Very Nice Wrap Up... 0

Cover:   I really like this cover, in particular the colors and the fact that Brock seems to tower over everyone, as he rightfully should.    The Good:   This issue works in so many different levels.  It  wraps up a great number of different past story lines and continues to develop Eddie Brock as an antihero, giving his intentions more depth and merit, and making him (at least in my eyes) even more likable.  I can't say that anything about the pacing or the way that the resolutions were handl...

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Mr. Negative finally exposed 0

Synopsis: Anti-Venom, Spider-Man and Wraith goes after Mr. Negative, and later, Spider-Man goes Crouching Tiger, Hidden Spider. What's Good? I've been waiting for Spider-Man to take on Mr. Negative again for a while now. Mr. Negative was such an annoying character introduced in Brand New Day (in a good way) and it felt like his stories were going nowhere till now. Seeing Peter score a hit on Mr. Negative after what Negative did a WHILE back (#621) made me smile. Another smile appeared on my face...

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Mr. Negative Unmasked! 0

These two issues of Amazing Spiderman have been great. It's nice to have a cool character back and have a mystery of who a new one is. Mr. Negative is the perfect villain for this arc and with Spidey wrapped up in all of this it is perfect! Now lets get to that review about this great spidey comic! The Plot: The issue begins with Spiderman webbed to a wall in Anti Venom's lair, which used to be a drug lab, with Anti Venom getting ready to unmask him. Even though Anti Venom messes up some of spid...

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