duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #663 - The Return of Anti-Venom, Part 1: The Ghost of Jean Dewolff; Infested Stage 4: Out of Nowhere; Thanks... But No Thanks review

Anti-Venom returns along with a ghost from the past?

Synopsis: Anti-Venom, Mr. Negative, Wraith, people coming back from the dead? What else do we need? Oh, Peter is feature in the American Science Journal.

What's Good?

I liked that Dan Slott reminded readers that Peter has another job other than being Spider-man, part of both Avengers teams and FF member: Horizon Labs. Thanks to his new job, he's able to use his scientific mind to good use not only for the world, but to help him as Spider-man. Seeing his hard work pay off being featured in the American Science Journal was a great touch. I also give Slott credit for referencing some other events that's been happening in Marvel (Where's Daredevil, The new Venom, Hercules vs Hobgoblin etc.). It's been a while since Mr. Negative been in the picture and I usually enjoy his presence in Spider-man.

The, "Thanks...But No Thanks" back up story is another tale of Spider-Man trying to do the right thing, but it backfires on him. It's one of those stories that make Spider-Man seems like a menace, but little those he knows, his actions does pays off.

What's Bad?

I am so tired of people from the past coming back to life or in this case, just being used as a plot device. Jean DeWolff died for a reason. There's no need for her to be back like this even if it's probably not her (This is only a two part issue, so I really doubt it's the real Jean DeWolff). It's been a while since Eddie Brock been in the picture and I'm still getting used to him being Anti-Venom. He hasn't had a real purpose lately, and it seems like Slott is struggling trying to involve him with this story. It's not too late though.

I'm also mixed on the art. It's like Giuseppe Camuncoli was trying mix retro and modern art, but it doesn't turn out that great.

I wasn't feeling the Infested story this time around. It's nice to see Cloak and Dagger, but there wasn't any real development for Spider-Island. It is getting near though.

Overall: While things are going smoothly in Peter's life, the rest of the issue stumbles quite a bit. Again, it's not too late for Slott to pick it up with the second part.

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Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

I will read this today instead of letting it sit in it's cover

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