haydenclaireheroes's The Amazing Spider-Man #662 - The Substitute Part 2; Infested Stage 3: Great Responsibility; Magnetic Man In The Choice review

A Field Trip with Spider-man



I really liked the cover because last issue was really great with Avengers Academy and I was excited to see more of them with Spider-man. But I did have one disappointment with this cover because they have Infested: the road to Spider-Island. But nothing Spider-Island related was in this issue.

Story Arc

Spider-man has to try to help the Avengers Academy because they are under mind control of Psycho Man. This puts the city and Spider- man in danger.

Best Part

As I said in my last review for Spider-man with Avengers Academy I am not a big fan of Avengers Academy. I have picked up a couple of issue and I never really liked it. But in this issue I actually liked seeing Avengers Academy. I do not plan on buying their series but I think they do well with Spider-man. Spider-man really went through doubt when he was a teenager and regret, but so does the Avengers Academy. Spider-man was a great teacher for them because he knows what they are going through. I also liked that Spider-man categorized in his head, who was the most dangerous in the Avengers Academy. I feel like that would of never happened in the normal series and it is a fact that is good to know if they ever went evil.

Worst Part

In the story there was no worst part.


I really do love this art. It was the same as last issues and I really liked the art then also. It is very simple but sometimes simple is great. Because some artists go crazy with dark colors or they add more details and sometimes it is not as good as simple art. I wish this would be the art for the whole series but I have a feeling it was just for the Avengers Academy story.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 ½ out of 5

Posted by yeopop

The cover is cartoonish.

Posted by IIayK
nice shirt =D

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    Cover: While I am not digging this cover (too cartoony for my taste, sadly), it is illustrating what lies within.  Maybe it's the way that Psycho-Man is depicted that really rubs me the wrong way.The Good: The characterizations of these individuals is amazing (no pun intended).  Gage writes these characters well in Avengers Academy obviously, but he was wanting to showcase their personalities here and it's extremely well done without sacrificing the main story and Spidey himself.  Gage even wr...

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