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I am surprised I actually liked Avengers Academy in this issue



This cover at first did not impress me because I am not a big Avengers Academy fan. But the art for the cover is still great and I always love to see Peter in front of a classroom. But it was kind of disappointing to see that this was not a Infested: Spider-Island tie in.


It has been a while since Peter Parker has taught teenagers but, now he has to teach no ordinary teenagers. He has teach the Avengers Academy.

Best Part

I was not expecting much from this issue because like I said I am not a big Avengers Academy. I have tried the series time and time again but I could never get into it. But in this issue I am proud to say I liked the Avengers Academy. I think it had to do with Spider-man and how he is just like them in some way. He was a teenager not knowing where to go with his life and he always had to deal with his regrets. I also miss Peter teaching. So, seeing Peter in front of a classroom was a breath of fresh air. Maybe we can see this more often in this series. Even though this was another team oriented issue. I was surprised it still felt like a solo series because with the last couple of issues with the FF it felt more like a team book. With this issue it felt more like Spider-man’s series just with the Avengers Academy tagging along. Which I think it should feel like since Amazing Spider-man is a solo series.

Worst Part

In this issue for the story there was not worst part.


I feel like with Amazing Spider-man lately the series art has been improving with every issue. This issues art has been the best art so far. I am always a sucker for simple art but, just colored just perfectly. I hope we see this art in more issues to come.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!!

5 out of 5

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