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The Spectacular Substitute: Class is in session! 0

Spidey plays substitute to the Avengers Academy, bridging the gap between the "original" teen super-hero and the crimefighters of tomorrow.The GoodThe team on Amazing have been killing it lately, and this issue is no exception. I love the fact they harken back to Peter's day as a teacher; it grounds him in reality again and makes him seem like a real person. I loved his line that was something to the effect of "I was the original teen superhero!" to Hank Pym; it really shows how far Peter has co...

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Spider-Man Has Class 0

When The Avengers Academy needs a substitute teacher, Spider-Man is considered the best man for the job. The group of super-powered youths who had once been corrupted by Norman Osborne desperately need guidance, and Peter Parker is a hero who has seen the good and bad sides of every superhero situation. The only problem is that he didn't count on his class getting ransacked by Psycho-Man, who quickly plots to influence the Avengers Academy into brutally killing their teacher and each other.Writt...

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I am surprised I actually liked Avengers Academy in this issue 0

  Cover This cover at first did not impress me because I am not a big Avengers Academy fan. But the art for the cover is still great and I always love to see Peter in front of a classroom. But it was kind of disappointing to see that this was not a Infested: Spider-Island tie in. Story It has been a while since Peter Parker has taught teenagers but, now he has to teach no ordinary teenagers. He has teach the Avengers Academy. Best Part I was not expecting much from this issue because l...

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VidReview #26 - The Amazing Spider-Man #661 0

At the rate this is going, The Amazing Spider-Man will play host to a crossover with every Marvel title inside the next year. ...

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Spider-man: Avenger, a FF, and now a subsitute teacher 0

Synopsis: Spider-man plays substitute teacher at the Avengers Academy. What's Good? I will get this out of the way: I am not a fan of Avengers Academy. I never saw the appeal of the series. However, I do see this as a great opportunity to see Spider-man attempt  to give these teenagers some advice about being a superhero. As Peter stated in this issue, he was the original teenage superhero. Christos Gage, who is also the writer for Avengers Academy, makes Spider-man a laughing stock throughout t...

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Who wants to go on patrol? 0

Another great issue of amazing spiderman, but now this is starting to feel like it's a team up title. First, the FF. Now, the Avengers academy. But this issue still delivers.The Plot: When a monster attacks the brooklyn bridge, the FF get there and start stopping it. During the intense battle, Hank-Pym steps in and fights alongside them. After beating the monster, Hank asks reed if he could be a substitute while he's on leave. Reeds tells him he can't and has to investigate where the monster cam...

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