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This issue is packed!!! The Sinister Six versus Spider-Man and the FF… and by FF, we mean all of the Future Foundation! Know what’s not a good place for children, even super powered kids? A full-scale battle with the world’s deadliest super villains! It’s not “Bring Your Kids To Work” Day, not a field trip, and it’s definitely not a game! This is a high stakes battle and there’s no way it will end well….

"Infested, Stage 2: Great Power"

And also this issue…our 2nd in a series of “Infested” preludes leading to this summer’s top secret Spidey event! Phew!

"Marvel Team-Up Featuring: The Amazing Spider-Man and Ghost Rider - Can't Get the Service, Part Three"

You also get part 3 of the death-defying team up of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider

Note: There is some outstanding dialogue here between Electro and the Invisible Woman. He tells Sue Storm that his team isn't taking any prisoners and that nobody is coming to rescue her. Sue responds with perhaps her most famous line since she switched her code name from the Invisible Girl to the Invisible Woman. She tells Electro, "My days as a professional hostage are long over". (A line to rebuke the Silver Age days when Stan Lee would often use Sue Storm as a hostage.)

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