duo_forbidden's The Amazing Spider-Man #659 - Fantastic Voyage, Part 1; Infested, Stage 1: Bug Time; Can't Get The Service, Part 2 review

"Stop saying booty!!"

Synopsis: Spider-man and The Future Foundation faces off against zombie pirates. YES.

What's Good?

This issue is jam packed full of fun. Spider-man truly feels like he's part of the Future Foundation. He has a good balance of his own personality and Johnny Storm's that keeps the original family united. As much as I give Dan Slott credit, I also have to give credit to Fred Van Lente for the dialogue. The jokes are corny, but funny at the same time (Beastie Boys: Booty! B-B-booty!). The dialogue is also current with today as well. I have to take Reed, Sue, and Ben's word for their adventure in Fantastic Four #5 to be ridiculous, because this issue adds the most ridiculous idea ever: Zombie pirates. As a bonus, there's also a sneak peak of Infested: The Road to Spider-Island coming in a few months revealing a character who will play a huge role in it.

The Marvel team up with Ghost Rider is still crazy than ever. With the idea of Great horsepower comes great responsibility, Spider-man takes the streets on Ghost Rider's bike while keeping away from the demon, but that doesn't turn out as planned.  

Stefano Caselli returns as the artist, and his style is definitely suited for Dan Slott's story. He's turning out to be on my list of favorite artists. It has that cartoony, but realistic approach to it. In the Marvel team up with Ghost Rider, Lee Garbert's pencils are wonderful.

What's Bad?

I don't know if I like the reveal of who's truly behind the whole pirate concept. It seems very random to have them appear out of nowhere like that. It might be explained in the next issue though.

The whole Carlie sub plot seems ridiculous. Now, I never got drunk before (maybe tipsy), but that's a poor choice for a tattoo. Carlie has been getting some positive remarks in my book so far, and I would hate to see it backfire with something with the Green Goblin tattoo (which will most likely play a huge role in the future especially if you read Osborn #5).

Overall: Like with the last issue, it's not exactly what I had in mind with Spider-man and the FF, but this was a fun issue nevertheless and I consider this issue to be a lot better than the previous one. I don't know how many times I laughed throughout reading this.


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