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In My Head Review! The Amazing Spider-Man #659

Because I'm so busy, I don't have time to write my usual Short and to the Point reviews. And for that reason Ive decided to change my review style. I'll be writing one review every day.


  • This is a Spider-Man adventure with the Future Foundation.
  • The characterizations of the Future Foundation kids seems a bit off from the kids we loved in the Fantastic Four series and

    currently the FF series.
  • Its nice to see Spidey having more chemistry with the Future Foundation. It feels like hes a part of the family. Almost like Johnny Storm was. Peter is a good addition to the team and you could really tell in this issue.
  • What looked like lame villains actually turned out to be pretty worthy opponents. And some of Spider-Man's rogue gallery are introduced to his new team.
  • Charlie (Peter's Girlfriend) doesn't seem too happy about their relationship and decides to do something she'll most likely regret. I really don't like her. 
  • It seemed like a short issue.. until the back up story came around. It gave the book some more reading but the story with Ghost Rider is a back up story for a reason. Because no one would read it otherwise. 
  • Other then that we see a co ol little cameo for the up coming event Spider Island from someone we haven't seen in a while.
  • Its not art that a normal person would jump out of their seat for but im CRAZY about this kind of art.


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