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Good writing keeps FF from getting mired in the muck 0

Spider-Man dons his new duds as part of the Future Foundation; however, one of their first adventures just happens to be a retread of a Fantastic Four tale! The Good I'm a big fan of Dan Slott; he's one of the few writers that can make the Fantastic Four's world seem interesting to me. He writes some amazing Spider-Man/Thing dialogue in this issue, including some Beastie Boys references (which I can never complain about). He also manages to make Sue and Reed seem like actual people, which is a ...

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Thank You! 0

Cover: Classic and pretty funny.  I love the way the colors are presented and though everyone is just standing there, their poses give this aura of great friendship.The Good: The dialogue is awesome, the art is stupendously beautiful; there are pretty funny moments in here and this story is a definite improvement over the last issue.  The Cooper story occurring parallel should make for some interesting stuff in the future if it's handled correctly, so that's something that I'm definitely looki...

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Is Amazing Spider-man a solo book or team book? 0

Cover I really enjoyed seeing this cover it was nice to see some great art. Also it was nice to see the new happy family. I was also very happy to see the Road to Spider- Island because I am very excited for this story arc. Story Spider-man and the rest of the FF go on a mission to an island. On this island they find the sinister six. Also in the mean time Carlie gets a tattoo of the Green Goblin while she is drunk to get Peter pissed. Best Part For once I actually liked Carlie’s chara...

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VidReview #12 - The Amazing Spider-Man #659 0

In which I review the next issue of the Fantastic F - I mean, The Amazing Spider-Man. ...

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In My Head Review! The Amazing Spider-Man #659 0

Because I'm so busy, I don't have time to write my usual Short and to the Point reviews. And for that reason Ive decided to change my review style. I'll be writing one review every day.IN MY HEADThis is a Spider-Man adventure with the Future Foundation.The characterizations of the Future Foundation kids seems a bit off from the kids we loved in the Fantastic Four series and currently the FF series.Its nice to see Spidey having more chemistry with the Future Foundation. It feels like hes a pa...

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"Stop saying booty!!" 0

Synopsis: Spider-man and The Future Foundation faces off against zombie pirates. YES. What's Good? This issue is jam packed full of fun. Spider-man truly feels like he's part of the Future Foundation. He has a good balance of his own personality and Johnny Storm's that keeps the original family united. As much as I give Dan Slott credit, I also have to give credit to Fred Van Lente for the dialogue. The jokes are corny, but funny at the same time (Beastie Boys: Booty! B-B-booty!). The dialogue ...

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Amazing Spider-Man Video Review by Peteparker 2/5 0

  SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!Spoiler ...

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Amazing Spider-Man #659, The FF Continue Their Adventure... 0

With Peter Parker joining the Future Foundation, ex-Fantastic Four, he has a lot on his plate. Juggling with his job, girl friend and also other teams like the Avengers, Spider-Man is a really busy bug. However, joining the Future Foundation has reminded Pete what it feels like to be loved and/or enjoyed on a family based team. The loss of Johnny Storm is depressing and everyone is still mourning about it, however this is now a brighter future! Continuing from Amazing Spider-Man #658 we see if ...

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