super_man_23's The Amazing Spider-Man #656 - No One Dies, Part 2: Resolve review

Another suit rises, Amazing Spider-Man #656

Spider-Man gains, yet again, another suit! With the death of Marla Jameson in Amazing Spider-Man #654, Spider-Man isn't feeling all to heroic. While he has failed to save family and has also lost one of the greatest Spider-Powers, Spidey's head isn't in the game. Spider-Man is trying to deal with the fact that he has no spider-sense and that people are being killed by a new villain. However, from the challenge that has arose to Peter, another Spider-Suit gets created! 

The Good

Spider-Man Armored Costume
When Spider-Man went back to using his classic red-and-blues in the Revenge of The Spider Slayer story arc, I was wondering what happened to the stealth suit. After going through three issues in his original Spider-Suit, Dan Slott touched a little bit on the Stealth Suit which solved some questions for me. The story arc played out well and Dan Slott really does an excellent job on Spider-Man. Taking away his Spider-Senses is a big step in the character and how Peter will gain his abilities back well be the big surprise in the future. Whether he gains them back while working with the Future Foundations, or somewhere down the line in his comic book series, Spider-Man's stories are in good hands. 

The Bad

 While the newest Spider-Suit is cool, I don't know why he couldn't wait until a little while longer. I mean he had the Stealth Suit for two issues, and then five issues later he gets the armored suit. Spider-Man wanting to have a suit to battle mostly all of his super villains is a pretty tall order. If you ask me, Spider-Man should have a suit that has all of the modifications of every new suit Spider-Man has created. All of the suits (Stealth, armored, and whatever is in the future) all just built into one suit. 

The Verdict

 Good jumping on point for what is coming next. With new suits galore and also the End Time coming to Spider-Man soon, 2011 is the Web Heads best year yet. Overall this is a 4.5 out of 5. 
Posted by RoninTheFury

Excellent review!

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23
@RoninTheFury said:
" Excellent review! "

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