g_man's The Amazing Spider-Man #656 - No One Dies, Part 2: Resolve review

Here Comes Another New Costume

Continuing from recent events, Spider-Man is on a new mission but needs a tiny bit of help in order to make it happen. 

The Good 

Dan Slott continues writing stories that acknowledge what has gone on before. Often when a new story arc begins, the little details are forgotten or ignored. Things that have occurred since BIG TIME began are important as each issue rolls out. We've seen that Spider-Man lost his spider-senses and you might not think it's a big deal. We clearly see how much Spider-Man depends on those senses. The new villain Massacre introduced last issue is here with a vengeance. We also get more development on J. Jonah Jameson and how he's dealing with the death of his wife. If all that wasn't enough, how about a new costume for Spider-Man? 

The Bad 

It might seem a bit much that Spider-Man develops yet another new costume but the reasoning does make sense. Because of his appearances in other books, I have to wonder how long he'll use this one or need it. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the color scheme Peter chose for it. The more I look at the colors and design, the more I start liking it but I question why he went this route. What about the secret past of the villain? The authorities found out pretty easily but that helped move the story along. 

The Verdict 

I have been enjoying each issue of Dan Slott's Spider-Man. You get a feeling that everything that happens, happens for a reason. There's a feeling of a big picture plan involved. Slott doesn't let events from past story arcs slide away and they are used to take the story even further. We see the addition of yet another new Spider-Man suit but the reasoning here makes perfect sense. There is an odd choice for the design and colors but it helps to give the suit its own look, separating it from other looks Spider-Man has had. The new villain introduced last issue is taken further but his history reveal and the way he was handled happens rather suddenly but it's still pretty darn cool seeing Spider-Man kicking butt in a different fashion.
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Posted by PsychoMunkee

His new suit looks a little odd to me.

Posted by DH69

while im not a fan of the artwork (really hard transition to go from last months spider-slayer story to this) BIG TIME has managed to keep me interested so far, although i am a little skeptical on how they're gonna handle the whole lack of spider-sense issue further down the line.


the suit kept reminding me of the ronin suit, especiallly with the upturned collar

Posted by RalfvdH

I'm enjoying spider-man lately... Although I'm not always happy with the choice of artists...
Big time is...okay.. but not mind blowing...Like the new Hobgoblin, just don't understand the motivation of Phil Urich. 
In the old stories with him as the green goblin he was an good kid with good intentions... Where the hack comes this head-choppin' psychotic attitude come from. Probably missed something...
I'm absolutely no fan of the art of Marcos Martin... (although his page design is amazing). Dont like the whole "back to the 70's" vibe I get from it...  As an starting artist I'm also get annoyed by little details in the drawing like the hands or the simplistic faces. 
I enjoyed the work of Stefano Caselli more. 
Dan Slott does an great job in writing... Really have to say that. 

Posted by perry_411

Are we going to get a new spider-suit every issue?  Gimmicky
As per the character, he just realized people were dropping like flies around him? Pete's slow 
Jonah isn't a fan of his? Original /sarcasm
Worth reading?Yes, definitely. 
I can't tell if they're re-connecting the character to his roots, or if they're trying to create a new persona for him.

Posted by thiagofonseca

I'd like to say that the artwork is perfect.

Posted by Wattup

I really liked this issue. That is all.

Posted by Coldbrand

Very 80s looking cover there. Almost channeling a little Spider-Man 2099.

Posted by SuperTide

Black and gold were my high school's colors. So that's cool. Good review. Made me want to get the book.

Posted by thiagofonseca
Posted by Nasar7

Little lacking in the humor department I think but otherwise good.

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