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Spider-Man's Has Just a Tiny Bit of Guilt Going On 0

After the death of a character last issue, Spider-Man has his worst nightmare, visits from all the dead in his life.  The Good Last issue we had the surprise death of a supporting cast member. Death isn't anything new to Spider-Man comics and this issue serves to remind us of all the dead in Peter Parker's life. You never really realize just how dangerous it is to be part of his inner circle.   The issue almost has two parts to it. The first deals with the death of the character and the second i...

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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #655 0

Following Marla Jameson's funeral, Spidey has a dream which, yet again, probes deep into his sense of guilt and responsibility.  The Good Storytelling is king in this issue and I thoroughly enjoyed the breaking-from-norm techniques used in both sections. Marla's "silent" funeral procession conveyed grief in a much more poignant than any amount of overwrought, sorrowful dialog could and I found the rolling surrealism of the dream sequence to be quite alluring - - especially in the Escher-esque d...

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In Loving Memory... 0

Marla Jameson is dead, and Spider- Man blames himself.  The Good: First off, I love this cover. It's my favorite one this week actually. So, where this issue picks up is right after Marla's death. The opening of the book is completely silent, and it does a terrific job telling the story with Martin's art alone. You can clearly tell how each person feels, the emotion is there. The second half of this issue feels like a different book, it's about Peter's nightmare which is all about people that ha...

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Peter's worst fear is the death of others 0

Cover I love this cover. Usually white backgrounds don’t work but this issue is about death and the red on the cover makes a great cover to deal with an issue about death. Story Jameson’s wife has died and Spider-man thinks about all the people he let died and he swears that he will not let anyone die ever again. Best Part There has been many deaths that Peter had to go through. Seeing all of them in this issue was kind of a good thing for peter. You always have to face your fears sometimes. Pe...

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Amazing Spider-Man #655, No More - Review 0

With the death of Marla Jameson at the hands of Smythe, Spider-Man blames himself. J.J. Jameson Sr./Jr. (or Mr. Mayor) knowing it wasn't Spider-Man's fault, blames himself for the death of his wife. While being related to Spider-Man without his knowing, he has had a lot of grief with old web head. With this being the breather from the end of Big Time what will happen once Spider-Man is done with his career? Having life choices to make now, will Spidey hang up his web shooters for good? Written b...

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"What will you do now?" 0

Synopsis: Once again, a death of a love one takes its toll on a guilt-ridden Peter. What's Bad? I start off with the negatives because this is typical Peter dealing with failure after the death of Marla Jameson, the wife of Jonah Jameson. You'd think Peter would be used to it considering the people in the past he has failed, but the many lives he has saved in return. And I don't mean to sound harsh. Death is hard on everyone. That's why... What's Good? I commend Dan Slott for the set-up. A pers...

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A Moment Of Silence 0

THE BASICSMarcos Martin delivers the goods in this largely visual issue that deals with the death of Marla Jameson.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFThe choice to leave out all dialogue from the first part of this issue is the right one. We don't need words to tell us that this is a sad event we're dealing with here, and the experience is all the more powerful for the lack of them. Martin does a good job of capturing the mood of the funeral and mourning process and more than one panel made my heart plun...

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Like a Dream. 0

I'm not a fan of seemingly "pointless" character deaths in comic books.  If characters absolutely HAVE to die, I'd like their to be some greater purpose, or else make it be the grandest stand of that character's career.  When Dan Slott killed off Marla Jameson two issues back in Amazing Spider-Man, I was all set to drop the series as diving right back into the same old crushing story-lines about Spidey being dragged through tragedy after tragedy.  I'm not wholly prepared to say that's NOT what's...

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Nadie muere 0

Son pocas veces en que vemos a los heroes reflexionar en lo que ha sido su carrera como vigilante, y esta aprovecha todo el potencial. El issue gira principalmente en Peter Parker reflexionando en todas las personas fallecidas desde que se convirtió en Spiderman. La historia es triste pero a su vez entretiene. Uno siente lo mismo que Parker; además trae un resumen de lo que ha pasado en los issues anteriores de The Amazing Spiderman y el impacto que le ha dejado algunas personas. Una de las cosa...

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