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Amazing Spider-Man 654

       THIS ISSUE IS IMPORTANT! THIS ISSUE MATTERS! EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE FROM HERE ON OUT!!! Or at least, that's what Marvel says. With a build up like that, it's actually quite easy for a comic book to fall flat on it's face and disappoint readers. Hopefully the guiding hands of Dan Slott can maneuver Spidey through this hype and keep the comic surprisingly fun. With Stefano Caselli on board, chances are pretty good, so let's dive into issue 654 of the Amazing Spider-Man to find out! 
       Our issue opens up with John Jameson successfully landing his spaceship aboard the space station Apogee 1. But it turns out, he's stuck there, and it's up to Spidey to save the day. Too bad Peter is being confronted by Max Modell over his "relationship" with Spider-Man, but it's not long before Peter manages to escape and swing off to save the day. Meanwhile, the New Avengers are holding off the various factions of Smythe's forces, but Spidey sets off a "Spider-Sense jammer" that will disable the sixth sense the drones seem to possess. As it goes off, the last of Smythe's forces get picked off and everybody lives happily ever after. Or not... 

       Dan Slott once again brings us a fine issue of Spider-Man. I'm very happy with his run so far and I think that this is the most satisfying chapter of this arc. I found the pacing and tone to be incredibly effective and I was literally at a point where I was afraid everybody close to Jonah could die. I have really dug the fact that Slott keeps Phil Urich in these issues and keeps showing him during the chaos, still trying to manipulate things to his own gain. It really helps to sell his character. On a different note though, something felt off about the opening scene with Peter and Max Modell. I like the conclusion their talk had, as it allows Peter to keep making new gizmos for Spidey, but it seemed a bit easy and stupid to a degree. I expected a bit more. 
       Stefano Caselli hands in his third issue of art, and it's great as always. Caselli handles every member of Spidey's supporting cast incredibly well and the New Avengers look like true champs, particularly Iron Fist and Jewel.   I was actually  
 The new Venom!
 really happy Luke Cage didn't do much this issue, because I only had to look at one panel with him missing pupils! WOO! With such a strong grip on Spidey's cast though, I expected more from Spider-Man himself. Caselli draws a serviceable Spider-Man, but it's not as amazing as it should be. 
       In a great bonus we get a tale from Dan Slott and Paulo Siqueira that details the making of the new Venom. I have to say, I wasn't too sold on the new Venom, but this story really made me excited to see where he's taken. I like that the military has plans for Venom and keeping him leashed, and I like that Venom takes the suit off when not on active duty. My only hope is that when all is said and done this character still gets the great treatment he's received in the past few years. Oh yea, and they call him Venom because nobody is afraid of Spider-Man. Right on. 
       Overall, Amazing Spider-Man continues to be an easily accessible read and full of great bits throughout. Next week we get a Point One issue, but even with that, Amazing Spider-Man 654 proves to be a great read. 4.5 out of 5, keep it up Slott! 

 Haha, she's silly :P
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Posted by MrFantastic

Amazing how they kept the whole spider-slayer thing relevent for 40+ years!

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