carnivalofsins00's The Amazing Spider-Man #654.1 - Flashpoint review

Venom Point 1

Flash Thompson + Venom Symbiote = Pretty awesome.
The Good: I think Flash as the new Venom is perfect. This is a brand new, and fresh look at Venom, which I think could turn out some pretty interesting stories. Flash Thompson is only allowed to wear the symbiote suit for 20 missions, and no more then for 48 hours at a time, because after that, it'll permanently bond with his body. Here we get a look at Flash in the suit, and in action. This is actually very exciting and entertaining. Although the main Venom title coming in March will be written by RIck Remender, Dan Slott write this issue and I can't complain. This is very entertaining and, at parts, Venom gets really dark. After all, it is Venom. We also get to see something that I wouldn't have thought would happen for a bit longer. However, I think it makes things a lot more interesting from here on out.
On art, we get Humberto Ramos once again. All I can really say is that I really like it. Also, I just really like the new design of the Venom.
The Bad: Let me start with the cover, and all I have to say is that I don't like the way Venom was drawn there.
While the writing was actually really good, Spider- Man doesn't really make any appearance. It is a .1 issue, it's supposed to be a good place to jump on board for new readers who are Spidey fans. I don't think this issue accomplished what the Point 1 Initiative set out to do.
While this issue brings to the table is entertaining writing, great artwork, and a fresh, and interesting, new look at Venom. While this felt more like a Venom #0 issue then an Amazing Spider- Man title, it was still great. If you plan on sticking with Amazing, or plan on picking up Venom #1 next month, this is crucial, I believe. Pick it up, it's worth the money.


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