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A Point 1 Issue Focusing on the New Venom 0

There's a new Venom in town and this issue reveals quite a bit before the debut of his new series next month.  The Good I've mentioned before that I am on board with Flash Thompson being the new Venom. We saw in the back up last issue where Flash first puts on the suit and is told he could go on twenty missions before a replacement is needed. The reason for the limited number of missions is the longer he is exposed to the Venom symbiote, the bigger the risk of permanent bonding.  Flash Thompson ...

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Amazing Spider-Man 654.1 0

       Okay, I would just like to start this review by saying one thing. This is not an issue of Spider-Man. This is Venom, straight up. The cover to a comic can often mislead, but none mislead as much as this, because you don't even see an appearance from Spider-Man and you barely see Peter Parker. That being said, it's still a very good comic, the latest in the long line of Slott masterpieces we've been seeing lately. Enough jibber-jabber though, let's jump into Venom 654.1... I mean Amazing S...

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Secret Agent Man 0

THE BASICSThe focus lies on Flash Thompson in this .1 issue as he puts his new suit to the test in the field for the first time.MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFThis issue was a great change of pace. The focus is entirely on Flash Thompson and his missions in the suit. We get to see some pretty cool spy/covert action as well as a pretty tense and disturbing scene about three quarters of the way through the book that makes me really excited to read the upcoming Venom series.Flash's character is written ...

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Venom Point 1 0

Flash Thompson + Venom Symbiote = Pretty awesome.   The Good: I think Flash as the new Venom is perfect. This is a brand new, and fresh look at Venom, which I think could turn out some pretty interesting stories. Flash Thompson is only allowed to wear the symbiote suit for 20 missions, and no more then for 48 hours at a time, because after that, it'll permanently bond with his body. Here we get a look at Flash in the suit, and in action. This is actually very exciting and entertaining. Although ...

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Let the Madness Begin 0

I expressed (fairly explicitly), my displeasure with the recent turn that Spider-Man's story has taken.  Where once it looked like poor old Pete was finally catching all the breaks and a completely new direction was being taken with this series, the recent Alistair Smythe story has me fairly miffed out how quickly things seem to have returned to their normal, hopeless regularity for the old web-head.  While I still am leery about where this series goes from here, issue #654.1 at least takes its ...

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The new Venom makes his full debut 0

Synopsis: Meet the new host for Venom: Flash Thompson. What's Good? When Marvel announced that Flash Thompson would be the new Venom,   it's funny that my first initial thoughts weren't , "But he doesn't have legs! Are they going to give him cybernetics? ( It's possible! If  Cletus Kasady got prosthetics, Flash should too). Rather, I had positive thoughts about him being a Black Ops version of Spider-man.  Seeing Flash play James Bond/covert was fun. Instead of focusing on Venom throughout t...

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