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Sorry I'm late on the Review!

To begin let me say I'm playing catch up. Truth is with the new semester I haven't had much time to stop by the local comic shop. But enough about me? 
The story picks off right where it left off with the last issue and I'll say this. This arc doesn't close off with too much of a bang but it's still a pretty good read. 
The issue opens up with the Hobgoblin informing Kingpin of Spidey's break in. After confirming what we all know we cut to Black Cat cutting her way into the Kingpin's security system. As the Hand ninjas move in to intercept we get our first look of invisible Spider-Man in action (if that sentence makes sense).   

I have to say I'm a bit disappointed at how the Hand is being used as Kingpin's security detail. I didn't read Shadowland (apparently I dodged a serious bullet there) but I'm assuming Kingpin's criminal organization is now being supported by the Hand. The Hand is a secretive organization of highly trained supernatural assassins. I know Spidey's costume can do all sorts of awesome stealthy stuff but I think Slott could've given this super secret deadly organization a little bit more credit than crying out in horror as they're getting the beejeezus kicked out of them. 
A few more pages later Spidey and Hobgoblin's awaited confrontation arrives. Spidey's suit apparently doesn't just turn invisible, It can also neutralize sound (giving it the orange tron-glow from the issue cover 650). The battle is more or less typical Spider-Man fanfare. Our hero prattles away while the villain hacks and slashes. Spliced into the battle is Black Cat's own little complications with Montana and Kingpin. More or less these pages are to build up the action and suspense as Black Cat's situation becomes more dire while Spider-Man is left to battle his opponent, unaware of her situation.  
Fortunately our hero manages to get it together and save the day. 
I'm going to spoil it right here because I'm so behind on reviews I don't think it'll make much of a difference. The building starts collapsing as Spidey flees with an unconscious Black Cat. Hobgoblin saves Kingpin while letting poor Montana plummet to his death. I feel the death of Kingpin's right hand man was meant to symbolize that Kingpin's traditional crime empire crumbled with the rest of his building.  
Rightly so as turn a few pages and Kingpin declared Hell's Kitchen and his ninja army the rebirth of a new kind of criminal empire. So Spidey, Hobgoblin, and even the Kingpin are all getting a complete makeover in this arc. 
I definitely like Slott's new take on the goblin. Here Slott's trying to make a parallel of the traditional Spider-Man we all know and still love. Most writers try to create a sense of parallelism by focusing on the opposite of Spider-Man. Here Slott is creating a character that compares to Peter Parker. The whole Phil Urich dual identity and selling footage of himself for extra cash is a wonderful idea that keeps the Daily Bugle's presence in Spider-Man comics relevant AND adding a new twist on a classic Spider-Man villain. The fact that Phil is crazy about Norah doesn't hurt Slott's parallelism either since it's very similar to Peter's early crush on Betty Cooper.
All in all a typical Spider-Man issue with a dash of creativity and depth. This comic arc doesn't necessarily breeak new ground as much as it establishes the status quo which is more or less what Big Time is supposed to do.      
Posted by Trodorne

we forgive you for being late. its a good review good job.

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