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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #644 0

Spidey's hopeless race to save Norman Osborn's bastard baby escalates as Vulture, Vermin, Rhino, Mysterio and the Chameleon join the gauntlet of villains.  The Good Good lord, does Waid know how to play on expectations. I was genuinely surprised by the introductions of Mysterio and the Chameleon, and Spidey's solution to Rhino's rampage was genuinely unpredictable. More importantly, none of them felt like cop-outs to ease the plot. Character drove the plot, not the other way around. I was hesit...

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Run Spidey, Run!!!! 0

Cover The cover has great art and better art then what is inside. The cover makes me want to read the issue but, when I actually read the issue I do not want to read it. Story At the police station everyone is claiming that Spidey has their child and they are all lying because it is Lily’s child. Spidey is running to the Avengers Mansion but, has to fight Vulture on his way but, then Spidey gets lucky and another villain wants to fight the Vulture. So, Spidey swings his way out of there. He sees...

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Amazing Spider-Man #644 Review 0

     The origin of species continues here in issue 644, we start with a woman freaking out about losing her baby and we see that she is at the police department demanding that she get her baby back from Spider-Man, turns out she is not the first woman to come to the police station for this. We jump to spidey being attacked by Vulture and then being ambushed by Freak. It then switches to a scence involing Tombstone, Carlee Cooper, and the police.There is a great little scence in here in with D...

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Babysitting shouldn't be this hard 0

Spidey continues to protect the newborn of Norman Osborn while on the run against his rouge gallery of villains who are after the kid. Pros: This issue continues right off of the last with Spidey protecting the newborn of Norman Osborn and Lily Hollister from his rogue villains. We see four new villains come out to play along with a surprising one at the end of the issue. Besides the last villain to appear, the encounter with Rhino was the most interesting one after all that has happened to ...

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Amazing Spider-Man 644 0

And the ongoing saga of Spider-Man and a baby continues! I must say, it seems like this is more of a conclusion of the Gauntlet than anything else was, what with villains like Electro, Sandman, Rhino and Vulture coming through. And seeing how I loved the Gauntlet, this story is building steam in my mind and with the halfway point here, I’ve gotta say, we’re in for one great ending (Or so I hope!)      The issue opens with, you guessed it, Spider-Man swinging through the city with the littlest...

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