haydenclaireheroes's The Amazing Spider-Man #643 - Origin of the Species, Part 2 review

Baby Sitting


The cover art is great. I have recognized the cover art for this story arc has been very well drawn and thought out.


Doctor Octopus has Spider-man, Carlie, Harry, and MJ captive. Spider-man. Spider-man tries to get some leverage and he escapes from Doctor Octopus’s grasp. When he gets out of his grasp Doctor Octopus lets go of the others. Spider-man gets the baby and runs away. A news helicopter sees Spider-man holding a innocent baby. They now think Spider-man has stolen him. They need to get him under arrest. As Spider-man tries to go to the hospital to bring the baby to safety Electro attacks him. Back with Harry, MJ and Carlie Harry and MJ are going to get Lily to safety but, Carlie wants to find peter and goes looking for him.   After Spider-man is done with Electro the police go after Spider-man. Then the Sandman joins in. He falls into a building and they have him captive. As Carlie looks for Peter Tombstone is ready to grab her.

Good Part

I kind of like how much Carlie cares for Peter not to leave him.

Worst Part

I felt like all Peter was doing was running away from trouble while holding a baby the whole issue. It was boring and they really just dragged it out for too long.


I really hate the art. The art would be good if it was in another series but, it just does not fit for Spider-man.

Pick it up or not

Do not pick it up!!!

2 out of 5.   

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Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

I agree it's a chase issue but it's still better than OMIT any day of the week. Nice work don't agree with the rating and it should be a pick up if just for the cover and all the classic villains featured in the issue

Posted by Omertalvendetta

Personally, I really enjoyed this issue.  The story isn't the strongest, but that's not what matters here it seems.  I really like the constant struggle Spider-man goes through and I love the fighting and running, such awesome stuff.

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