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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #643 0

Spider-Man has to race across town with a newborn in hand while every NYC cop and his entire rogue's gallery comes gunning for him.  The Good Waid and the rest of ASM writing staff have done a great job of updating Spidey and his mythos to the times while still keeping them true to their roots. So is definitely classic Spidey - - Peter can't catch a break as the entire world seems against and, of course, the first thing to suffer is his social life. But then there's the also the added complicat...

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Baby Sitting 0

Cover The cover art is great. I have recognized the cover art for this story arc has been very well drawn and thought out. Story Doctor Octopus has Spider-man, Carlie, Harry, and MJ captive. Spider-man. Spider-man tries to get some leverage and he escapes from Doctor Octopus’s grasp. When he gets out of his grasp Doctor Octopus lets go of the others. Spider-man gets the baby and runs away. A news helicopter sees Spider-man holding a innocent baby. They now think Spider-man has stolen him. They ...

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Amazing Spider-Man #643 Review 0

     Having been my second sinlge issue of Amazing Spider-Man in about 15 years, I was expecting abou the same as last issue, and that is what I got. I was expecting great character writing and a sense of urgency as per Spider-Man's  mission to keep Lily Holister/Norman Osborn's baby safe and away from the villians after him. I really enjoyed Peter's little talking bits to the baby in this issue and how he banters to get himself through situations like dealing with Sandman and Electro at the ...

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Spidey and the baby. That sound like a sitcom 0

Spidey starts to babysit Osborn's kid while all of New York have their eyes glued on him including Doctor Octopus and nearly all of Spider-man's rouge gallery. Pros:   I got to hand it to Mark Waid. He can make Doc Oct pretty intimidating despite his frail appearance. Without Spider-man knowing, Oct has him right where he wants him. Having not only a rouge of villains after Spider-man is one thing, but the NYPD joining in along with civilians watching him is a bit too much, especially if you're...

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Well, I have CERTAINLY missed quite a lot in Spider-Man's world.  Mary Jane and him are kaput, nobody seems to remember that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson is mayor of New York, and Doctor Octopus has been reduced to an unrecognizable monstrosity.  Okay, I knew most of that from reading wikis of Spider-Man story-arcs (wow... One More Day/Brand New Day is... stupid), but still it was extremely odd to be reading a Spider-Man story that felt both equal parts old and new.  It's true, a...

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Amazing Spider-Man 643 0

Well, with Spidey on the run and closing out the magic that was Brand New Day, we hit part 2 of the Origin of the Species. While part 1 wasn't perfect, it did have me excited for more, and if for no reason other than I can't fathom how Spider-Man is going to get out of this situation unscathed. So on that pleasant note, let's take a look at Amazing Spider-Man 643, Origin of the Species Part 2!   Our comic opens with the scene from last issue continuing, as Doctor Octopus has delivered the baby ...

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