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Spider-Man battles the Vulture in the skies of New York! But with an arm injury cramping the Wallcrawler's style, duking it out with Adrian Toomes won't be an easy feat!

Continuing on from last issue, the Vulture is about to fight Spider-Man, who has an injured arm. Spider-Man and Vulture fight for a while, before Spider-Man gets the idea of webbing Vulture's legs together. Unfortunately, Vulture uses Spider-Man like a bola against J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson, who are still on the Daily Bugle roof. Spider-Man is forced to let go of the webbing, and Jonah grabs him so that Vulture can finish him off, thinking that Spider-Man won't attack him since he's a civilian. But Spider-Man simply forces Jonah off him then ties him up with webbing. Spider-Man clings to the wall, but by now is feeling weakened and is losing consciousness. The Vulture manages to strike him from the wall, and Spider-Man falls, managing to make a "web cushion" at the last second to break his fall. Spider-Man stops moving. Vulture flies down, wondering if Spider-Man survived the fall or not. When he's close enough, Spider-Man leaps forwards and snaps Vulture's power pack, so that his harness won't work anymore. Vulture flies off in defeat. But then Spider-Man feels himself losing consciousness, and his last thought before blacking out is "No! Now I'll be at the mercy of the crowd!".

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