scylla's The Amazing Spider-Man #637 - The Grim Hunt, Conclusion; Hunting the Hunter Part Four: Burning Bright review

Lazarus Rising

Okay, once more:SPOILER FREE reviews from now on.(I keep repeating it so I can keep that in mind too xD )
The conclusion was and wasn't what I was expecting from 'Grim Hunt'.Things happened the way it should have, not slow but neither too fast.The ending was satisfying for Spidey fans but those who just pick up to read something maybe they'll  find it as 'nothing special'.Of course after this issue lot of things are questionable for example the last page.Yes dear readers once you see the THE END at the bottom of the page don't go away few more pages from Stan Lee and other and after the Spider-Mail you'll find a prologue page which...well let's just say will have readers turned on more.
  So Spidey's back in black again and faces off against the Kravinoff family.Someone dies,someone(s) lives and....check it out!
  Overall 4 out of 5  Kraven Stars xD


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    About The latest storyline "Grim Hunt"comes to a conclusion in this issue. The vengeful Kravinoff family go all out to kill the 'Spiders', but just like any family, the Kravinoff's have problems of their own .. Arana, Arachne and Madame Web are all in critical danger and only Spiderman can save them from the resurrected Kraven!   GoodThis was a really good issue and a great ending to a very good stoyline. This pushed all my buttons ... so to speak. The characters all had de...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

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