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Lazarus Rising 0

Okay, once more:SPOILER FREE reviews from now on.(I keep repeating it so I can keep that in mind too xD ) The conclusion was and wasn't what I was expecting from 'Grim Hunt'.Things happened the way it should have, not slow but neither too fast.The ending was satisfying for Spidey fans but those who just pick up to read something maybe they'll  find it as 'nothing special'.Of course after this issue lot of things are questionable for example the last page.Yes dear readers once you see the THE END...

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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #637 0

Back as avenging "Spyder," Spider-Man hellbent on saving Arachne and Arana and giving all five members of the newly-resurrected Kravinoff family the packback they've got coming.  The Good  Forgoing anything else, it was good to read a Spider-Man who's actually funny. Or, if not always laugh-out-loud funny, one who's always a smart ass. I've always been a huge fan of Joe Kelly, going all the way back to his run on Deadpool and the man's always known how to balance humor with really dark subject m...

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Good End To A Good Storyline 0

Plot & Action: It all comes to a head here: Spider-Man versus the Kravinoffs. This is what the Gauntlet has been building to. On one hand, I feel "Grim Hunt" left us too quickly, but that also is refreshing. You get the final climatic battle, you get some new status quos for characters, and, honestly, I think I am okay with how everything turned out. The epilogue wasn't well received by me, but I'll let them do something with it before I actually dislike it. The notable thing is that there's...

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Spiderman's most ultimate challenge 0

The Story: With Kraven setting Spiderman up for another final hunt, he would secretly have plans of his own and plans that would have his family feel uncomfortable following. Wearing his black costume and challenging Kraven and his family, Spiderman must face the most toughest challenge throughout his whole career, a challenge that would leave Spiderman with a difficult choice that could ruin everything he has worked for.   The Good: - Great and Solid storyline, as a huge Kraven fan myself I ac...

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The end of Grim Hunt 0

Well, The Gauntlet and Grim hunt set Spider-man for this fight with the Kravens. The Kravens are going to realize that karma's a bitch.  Pros:   Skipping the opening with Jonah, the scene with Peter works well. He's mad and he has every right to be. The Black Suit works well not only because it shows Peter dark side and he's out for blood, but the costume was used in Kraven's plan in Kraven's Last Hunt. Its fitting that this battle is set up like this. This issue isn't without death though. The ...

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Who is next do die??? 0

Cover The covers for this story arc have been amazing. I especially love the quotes on the covers. Story  Jonah is talking about all the animals in the city and they are not all from the zoo. Peter sees Kaine dead and see that he wanted him to wear is black and white costume. Madam Web is almost dead but, is trying to stay alive. Peter is fighting the Kravenoff family and chameleon dies. Madam Web gives her powers to Arachne and dies. Spider-man blinds Kraven’s wife. Spider-man and Kraven are ...

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Bon voyage Kravinoffs!! 0

Story: This story starts off with mayor Jameson talking to the city about the animals running wild and giving them safety precautions. Peter is enraged by all the tradgedies done by the Kravinoffs. So he gets in to his black suit and he's hunting the Kravinoff clan. Kraven keeps showing disgust for Sasha and she is getting really bothered about it. Julie, Arana, and Cassandra are still trapped in a room with Vladimir. Sasha busts in and kills Cassandra. Spider-Man comes in and starts taking down...

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About The latest storyline "Grim Hunt"comes to a conclusion in this issue. The vengeful Kravinoff family go all out to kill the 'Spiders', but just like any family, the Kravinoff's have problems of their own .. Arana, Arachne and Madame Web are all in critical danger and only Spiderman can save them from the resurrected Kraven!   GoodThis was a really good issue and a great ending to a very good stoyline. This pushed all my buttons ... so to speak. The characters all had de...

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Grim Hunt Pt. 4 0

TTo start, let me just say that the whole story arc of Grim Hunt has just been incredible. I mean one unpredicatable death or event after another. (well, except for kaine in the dead spiderman costume). But, anyways on to the issue. the best part of the whole isuue was spidey dressing up in the black suit again. (the costume, not the symbiote). he basically goes to the kravinoff mansion and beats the crap out of all the kravens there. He jumps in and out of the darkness, dodging bullets and weap...

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