artjoker's The Amazing Spider-Man #636 - The Grim Hunt, Chapter Three review

OK...this is what i expect from a Spiderman story!!!

As the title of the review states above "This is what I expect from a Spiderman story!" It is honestly without a doubt for me the best Spiderman story that i have read since New Ways To Die. I suppose those of you who have graciously  taken the time to read my review, thank you and that this review can easily be a review for the Grim Hunt story thus far. Let me start by sating that Michael Lark's art truly works wonders in depicting the grimness of the situation. With that said, this Spider man story is not for the little kids and tweens. And I'm going to be honest I dropped the amazing Spiderman because it was feeling a little to focused on Petey's relationships with the women in his life, which is fine, if one likes that. However The Grim Hunt is just the story for you if you like your Spider man with some edge and maturity. What i liked most was the fact that this story pays tribute to the great Kraven's Last Hunt story, in fact this story builds upon an already classic story to help elevate both to a level of masterful story far I am enjoying this a whole lot more than the block buster Siege story. In my defense, while Siege was a good story on the basis that it had many action packed moments for shock value, The grim Hunt's writing seems much more personal and engaging. in other words Siege is like Avatar, while The Grim Hunt is like The Godfather. There are literally moments where you could consider Oh SNAP! moments. some highlights to look for, a character makes a sacrifice that will make even the most weathered and steeled heart sink. Check this badboy out before it's gone!


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