harleyquinnhawkgirl's The Amazing Spider-Man #636 - The Grim Hunt, Chapter Three review

I have yet to be disappointed!

Story: We start out with thinking that Peter is dead! Sasha and the Kraven bunch are trying to please Kraven, but somethings not right with what they did. The spider they sacrificed is not Peter Parker. It's Kaine. Peter is still alive but in poor condition. Kraven is now on the hunt for the real spider.
Writing: Excellent. I think this story just keeps getting better.
Characters: I have to say I am liking the Kraven bunch.
Dialogue: I just love Sasha's dialogue.
Art: Very good.
Cover: I thought it was interesting and it said a lot.
Penciling: The penciling is dark but in a good way.
Coloring: It did feel a little brighter in this issue.
Favorite Pages and Why.
2-5: I loved the scenes with the lions and seeing Kaine dying.
9: I loved seeing Arana in pain.
11: To see MJ again was a breath of fresh air.
15: Ana's reaction to Kraven was great because we see what they taught her.
19: KAINE!
23: HUNT ME! Awesome.
Reasons to and not to pick up.
Reasons to pick up: Great story and art.
Reasons not to pick up: None.
Verdict: PICK IT UP!!! 5 OUT OF 5.

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