lostlantern13's The Amazing Spider-Man #636 - The Grim Hunt, Chapter Three review

The Hunt Slows Down

Plot & Action: Kraven the Hunter reacts to his unholy resurrection while Marvel pulls the predicted bait-n-switch. There's not a ton of noteworthy action as the story slows down to establish Kraven and his family's current state.

Character Work: While the plot progression slows down, there's some good character moments for Kaine and Kraven. It was nice to see Kaine's response to Peter's tongue-lashing, but I was much more impressed with Kraven's reaction to being alive. I felt that it was really in line with what was read in his death scene. Joe Kelly also did a pretty good job with the dialogue. Nothing felt forced or cheesy unlike the past two issues where I rolled my eyes when the Kravinoff children would say Grim Hunt.

The Art Team: Checchett, Lark, and Guadiano do another exceptional job of capturing the dark, gritty tone of the story. The artist change went unnoticed, so I can't really find a lot of faults here. The art has been consistent after three issues.

Generally Speaking: "Grim Hunt" has been a good arc, but this issue was a markedly slower read with less action. There wasn't a ton of plot progression or actual Amazing Spider-Man here. The read was solid, but you wouldn't miss anything too important if you skipped it because the two major points in this issue are fairly guessable. Next issue though? Well, that one looks good based on the last page here.    

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