timrothsays's The Amazing Spider-Man #620 - Mysterioso, Part 3: Smoke & Mirrors review


 I nearly choked from the flow of awesomeness, which is poured on me from the pages of this comic. Inhale-Exhale. Inhale-Exhale. Inhale-Exhale.
What I like the most about Dan Slott as a writer is his ability not to forget his past works. You know, many writers have the habit to write some kind of an interesting twist, and then forget about it (striking example - Bendis & Sentry-story) but this guy... Oooh, he's magician! Remember, in the first issues (#548, i guess) of BND it was a small collision between Spider-Man and Mr. Negative? Great story, I should tell you... As a result, Martin Li received Parker's blood sample and the chance to create individual bio-weapon. Gave me creeps back there, srsly.  Now we have a logical continuation of that plot. Pretty worth waiting, thou.
To the point - I enjoyed this arc all the way to its completion. Good dialogues (funny as usual, Slott's style), good intrigue (the moment when it became known that the killings were only illusions of Mysterio - knocked me down), good ending (collect 'em all!). As a result =>
Very solid 4.5/5

Posted by MichaeltheFly

Is it just me or do Spider-man comics get better and better every month, great review, I guess these reviews became a tradition.

Posted by Aspenite

Yeah, Dan Slott is one of the best!

Posted by The Angry Comic Book Critic

Nice review this comic was one of the hit's since brand new day began after that shit storm one more day I say this because for every good story we get for this series since the retacon we get one equally shitty as the other story is good like that horse turd One Moment in time 

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