cm_cameron's The Amazing Spider-Man #620 - Mysterioso, Part 3: Smoke & Mirrors review

Boom! Headshot!


After being tricked into thinking he'd become a murderer by Mysterio, Spider-Man's off to settle the score. All the while Mister Negative's forces are ready to move in on the Mysterio-backed Maggia.


  • It was great to get a chance to pop into Mysterio's head in this issue. He gets quite a few funny lines of dialogue and almost outshines Spider-Man himself, all while still remaining a respectably evil villain, if not quite a menacing or intimidating one.

  • I love the cover. It may not be the most "artistic" or "meaningful" cover I've ever seen, but it's just plain awesome looking. Good stuff.

  • This is a pretty action heavy addition. Normally, I prefer story based comics, but when most of the story has been told and all that's left is to bring the hurt to the bad guy of the moment, I'm all for issues like this. Despite my gripes with the color work, the pencil work is just fine and the action scenes are drawn very well.


  • This was a pretty good issue, so I have no major complaints. It's by no means perfect and there was room for improvement, but the gripes aren't really big enough to mention here.


A satisfactory conclusion to Mysterio's Gauntlet arc with an interesting ending. Definitely worth checking out.

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