brewski420's The Amazing Spider-Man #619 - Mysterioso, Part 2: Re-Appearing Act review


Part 2 of the Mysterio story arc. We have Dan Slott and Marco Martin doing a beautiful job on this title. These two guys make me excited about collecting comics. I haven't been this excited about comics since i was a kid. And thats saying alot. But let me get to the review. In the beginning of this issue we get a flash back scene with Cap George Stacy and Jean Dewolff in it. I thought that was really awesome. I always loved George Stacys character. It was good to see him in comics again even tho it was just a flash back. After the flash back scene we see the Maggia and Mr. Negatives men going to war against each other with guns blazing. Hammerhead, leading Mr.Negatives men, freaks out about seeing Silvermane alive and leading the Maggia again. Hammerhead was always loyal to Silvermane, but he works for the enemy now. I wonder if Hammerhead will be switching sides now? While all this gun fighting is going on Spidey shows up to try to stop people from getting killed, but ends up killing someone his self?! After all that we also see more on Aunt May. She is not very nice anymore it seems.  After that we see Spidey come face-to-face with an old villain from his first days as spidey. Should i tell you? Ok i will.... its the Big Man.(remember him) But the biggest shocker is who is under the Big Man's mask. That i'm not telling. And at the end of this issue we see Mysterio rising in the ranks of the Maggia. This issue was beautiful and one of my favorite issues since "Brand New Day" started. So i def recommend you going out and getting this issue. This, in my opinion, is how great story telling should be. Go get this as soon as possible.
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