cm_cameron's The Amazing Spider-Man #619 - Mysterioso, Part 2: Re-Appearing Act review

Can Someone Plug That Up? My Title's Leaking All Over Me.


Things are heating up in New York as Silvermane and Mister Negative's forces continue to wage war with each other while Mysterio starts playing head games with Spider-Man.


  • The scene with Aunt May is great. It's just barely a full page long, yet it's such a good blend of scary and funny. Funny because of the look on Harry and company's face after her tirade (good work from Martin there), and scary because, well c'mon, it's sweet ol' Aunt May. Her voice has raised above a polite whisper like what, 7 times in the entire almost 50 year run of The Amazing Spider-Man? Would not want to be in the same room when that happens.

  • I like how Mysterio is being used in this arc. He's not really a villain that can go toe-to-toe with Spider-Man, so using him as a behind-the-scenes kind of guy is the right way to approach him I think. While he's managed to handle himself decently in the past against Spider-Man when facing him directly (or as directly as an illusionist will, at least), his best work has always been a product of him avoiding direct confrontation. It's good to see that that's how he's being used here.


  • I don't care for the color job by Rodriguez. Everything seems really dark, which normally, would be fine; this is a dark story, after all. But I associate Spider-Man with bright and vibrant colors. They act as a contrast to his often dark stories and provide an excellent example of what can be accomplished with mood when the story and art work in opposition to each other as a means to accomplish the same goal. While great things can be done with writing and art working together, I think Spider-Man works best when there's a contrast between the two.


A pretty good issue all-in-all. I'm not crazy about the artistic direction, but I can deal with that and this issue has made me excited to see how the arc closes.

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    Part 2 of the Mysterio story arc. We have Dan Slott and Marco Martin doing a beautiful job on this title. These two guys make me excited about collecting comics. I haven't been this excited about comics since i was a kid. And thats saying alot. But let me get to the review. In the beginning of this issue we get a flash back scene with Cap George Stacy and Jean Dewolff in it. I thought that was really awesome. I always loved George Stacys character. It was good to see him in comics again even tho...

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