facemelter88's The Amazing Spider-Man #611 - This Man, This Expletive Deleted review

I love me some Deadpool & Spider-Man

Okay well i love me some Deadpool and i love me some Spider-Man, and this issue surprised me. I almost didn't pick it up because i liked how the series had been going and i didn't want to waste my time with this kind of issue but i'm glad i did. This issue was hilarious as a Spider-Man issue could get...Spider-Man + Deadpool = not quite world peace but its close, Spider-Man dealing with Lady Stilt-Man hilarity, Deadpool "chatting" with good ol' Barac and Spidey vs. Deadpool in a yo mama battle is the icing on the hilarity cake...and it is delicious. Ok so obviously this is a comical issue to seg-way to the Gauntlet even with all the chuckles i had i was also in suspense as to see what those kooky Kravinov girls were up to...sure the mystery and suspense was overshadowed by the obvious light comic tone but....it was still there. I'm surprised how much i liked the art it really captured the mood of the issue. This was a great issue to get us ready for the...bumbumbumbuuuuuum.... GAUNTLET

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