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Gwen and George Stacy's lives hang in the balance! Meanwhile, Norman Osborn's memories slowly return.

After Captain George Stacy is accused of breaking into confidential police files, Gwen Stacy and him leave town. This worries Spider-Man, since he doesn't know where they are, and the Kingpin could kill both of them.

Looking for clues as to where the Kingpin is, Spider-Man goes to the club he and his goons previously occupied. He finds a part of a machine from Norman Osborn's chemical company, and decides to check there on a hunch.

When Spider-Man gets there, he finds out that Captain Stacy and Gwen Stacy have both been found and kidnapped by the Kingpin. Spider-Man manages to defeat Kingpin when the Kingpin's trick tie pin fails to work. The Kingpin's technical man has Captain Stacy and Gwen at gunpoint, but Norman Osborn appears out of nowhere and tackles him. The gunshot goes wild, and destroys the brainwashing machine. Unfortunately the explosion of the brainwashing machine loosens a vat above Gwen and Captain Stacy, and Spider-Man only just manages to save them. In the confusion the Kingpin has managed to get Norman Osborn's private helicopter and escape.

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Another Hero Cliche 0

Ok so a lot happens. Spidey goes back to da club. He looks at the destroyed brainwashing machine. It has Osborn's name on it. However in this mess the girl he loves and her father are both kidnapped and in a pickle at the same place. Thank the writing for that and the Kingpin too. Of course Normon Osborn is trying to remember why the Green Goblin spooks him. Stan of course writes good stories. Romita's art is awesome. I think this was a rut they were in at this time. I mean after all this and th...

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