the_martian's The Amazing Spider-Man #602 - Red-Headed Stranger: Tenth of September review

Nobody's Non-Video Review of The Amazing Spider-Man #602

That's right, the long awaited return of the Nobody reviews are back...well I'm sure there is at least one person who has waited for them. So lets just have a brief run through on the last few issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Alright so May Parker has just been married to J. Jonah Jameson Sr, calm yourselves you are thinking of JJJ Jr.  So this makes Peter Parker and JJJ like brothers, technically cousins, but May is more of a mother to Peter than a Aunt by now. I might also have to mention that JJJ Jr is now Mayor of New York City and has assigned a Task Force just for stopping Spider-Man. By now you are probably like, "How can Peter's life get any crazier?" bout the return of Mary Jane Watson at his Aunt's wedding!
So last issue Peter wakes up from a hangover, not able to remember anything from the day before. He realizes that he has slept with someone and assumes it was Mary Jane, but it turns out to be his new roommate, Michelle Gonzales. When he makes the mistake of calling her, "MJ" she kicks him out of their apartment. So Spidey is running around New York looking for a new place to stay, and trying to remember where he told Mary Jane he was going to meet her. Since this isn't a review for 601, I'll skip to he finally remembers where to meet Mary Jane, but she doesn't show up because she overslept. But it is revealed that MJ remembers that Peter Parker is Spider-Man(See One More Day and Brand New Day).
So at the start of the issue a unknown man is tired to a chair. He is scared and sweating and his voice is being repeated over a tape. There is another man in the room repeated everything he says, and the man yells, "STOP COPYING ME!" It is revealed that the Chameleon is the one holding him captive. Using a special gun, Chameleon shoots a putty on the man's face which turns into a perfect mask. removing the mask, Chameleon pushes a button which drops the man into a pool of acid.
We jump over to Spider-Man chasing the super villain, Slyde. Spidey quickly knocks him down by smacking him in the face with the sewer lid. But as Spidey goes to arrest him, it turns out that Slyde is actually a police officer dressed up to trap Spider-Man. Suddenly Spider-Man is attacked by Mandriods, outdated S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons that J. Jonah Jameson purchased with the city's money. Spidey quickly escapes by sticking to the side of a bus that passes by the battle.
Peter Parker heads over to City Hall, because "Uncle" Jay had set him up with a job working for JJJ Jr. Peter finds out that Glory Grant is also working for JJJ as his Press Secretary. Peter is sent on an assignment to go take pictures of Jonah at their new "Shadow" Command Center. As he is leaving the building, Peter's Spider-Sense starts tingling, but he can't tell where the danger is coming from. A street performer dressed as the Statue of Liberty, stabs Peter in the neck, causing him to black out. An ambulance arrives on scene, and the street performer loads Peter into the ambulance and it drives away with Peter captive, the crowd around them thinking the street performer was helping him out. Chameleon reveals that he is controlling the ambulance by remote control and is taking Peter to his base.
We jump over to the Coffee Bean, where Mary Jane shows up to see Harry for the first time since he is back in town. Harry was busy mopping the floor on his own, since he has been struggling being able to afford employees. Mary Jane tells him that they are going to go clubbing tonight, but when she goes to use the bathroom to freshen up, she sees all of Harry's stuff has been moved in there where he has been living.
Peter wakes up to find himself strapped to a chair, Such like the man was at the beginning of the comic. Chameleon shoots the putty on Peter's face, making a perfect mask. Removing the mask from Peter, Chameleon drops the chair and Peter below in the acid, like he had done before. As Chameleon puts the mask on of Peter, Peter's phone rings. Chameleon answers and Mary Jane tells him that Harry is going through a rough time and they need to try and help him. Chameleon tells Mary Jane, "Sure, Mary Jane. Name the time and the place and I'll be there."
So overall, it was an pretty good issue. I like seeing the return of Chameleon, he always means trouble for Peter and was his first super villain. This issue was more of just a set up for something coming up, but it was well told, and I can't wait for the next issue, now that Chameleon has an identity where he can get close to Mayor Jameson.

  • Mary Jane is back, and knows that Peter Parker is Spider-man, but why hasn't she said anything?
  • Peter had slept with his roommate, what kinda stress is this going to put on their relationship? What is Vin going to think when he gets out of prison?
  • Chameleon is back and is wanting to get close to Mayor Jameson, what is his plan?
  • Chameleon has now taken Peter's identity? What happens when he interacts with Peter's friends and family?
  • Peter was just dipped into a acid bath?!
Posted by Mr. Wilson

Great book this week.The Chameleon was awesome.

Posted by The_Martian

Yeah, I'm glad to see Chameleon back. He always brings interesting stories.

Posted by Mr. Wilson

I totally agree. I am excited for the next issue. I'm not a huge fan of Kitsons
Spidey but judging by this issue he is getting better.

Posted by The_Martian

Its not my favorite art, but I don't hate it.

Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme

i really like your reviews

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