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this is not peter parker...

i'm a huge spider-man fan, i really am. he's definitely my favorite, and ASM has always been my favorite book. but this issue was a little bit of a let down. or maybe not just a little bit. i'm really excited that mary jane is coming back because i love her and i want to see her and pete get back together, but the depiction of her character art-wise was horrible. i mean really look at this: 
is that super model face to you? no. its a female professional wrestler face. lame. which is sad because i really liked albertis art of spider-man in costume, i thought that was great. 
as for the story, i didn't get it. i thought this was peter parker. mr. "responsibility." all the sudden he's getting drunk and sleeping around? hangovers? what? since when? i feel like that was forced just because every other movie has a seen like that. it definitely seemed out of character for him and i didn't like that at all. part of the reason i loved his character is because of how much respect i had for him, so this seemd a little wacky.
good things? like i said the spidey art was cool. other than that..... um i can't really remember much else that i liked. oh oh, one part where betty was teasing pete about mj. that was funny. yea.... thats about it.
so overall, if your a big spidey fan and don't want a gap in your collection, pick it up. other than that dont spend your money.

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totally my opinion

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